2019, Here I Come!

2018 was relatively normal until the last few months. Now it’s kind of a whirlwind.

But since I have finally taken the plunge, I’m looking forward to what 2019 will bring.

I hope that all of you, especially those of you who had a rough 2018, will have a better year next year.

For this new year, I hope everyone takes the chance to make yourself happy and do what matters the most to you. Make 2019 the best it can be for you.


Enjoy the mew life,


15 minutes…

Time is a weird construct…

Somehow some days it can seem like I have too much free time yet not enough either, all at once.

I technically have a lot more free time now as I am no longer employed full-time. But the days still seem to pass very quickly. If I don’t put in the energy to be more productive during the day time, what ends up happening is that by the end of the day, even a few minutes on some tasks can feel like a lot when I finally decide to work on them.

Because of this I have to make a conscious effort daily to complete what I consider crucial activities that will benefit me physically and mentally – self-care, if you will.

I may not have all the time in the world to spare, even now, but when it comes to self-care, I owe it to myself to make the effort. I find it helpful to carve out at least 15 minutes every day for each of the following:
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Hi guys… to anyone who is still out there reading this page lol

It’s been a while. Some big changes in my life have occurred this past year, I probably won’t get into it on this blog just because I’m paranoid of who might come upon this so I don’t really want to get into spilling anything.  Maybe one day in the far future…

And I don’t want to say that I’m back back to blogging just because as you can see from the past year or two, I’ll say I’m back and then disappear lol

So for now, I’m just dipping my toes back in and seeing how things will go.

I hope everything’s been good with you all.

So til next time…

Enjoy the mew life,

I can’t believe it’s been 6 years. It doesn’t feel like it.. to be honest, I do not think of you everyday. In fact, there are long stretches where you do not come into my mind at all. But then there would be those instances.. random moments.. when I’ll see Byron and suddenly it just hits me of how he actually came into my life, when I’ll get Chinese takeout and biting into a sesame chicken will bring back memories of countless afternoons of getting Fu Lai’s and squandering the day away watching random youtube videos, when I’ll come upon my badminton racquets in storage and think of mornings spent trying to be active but really we would just end up on the park bench talking about nonsensical things like fiber one and poop. Sometimes it will truly be outta nowhere; I’ll just be riding on the subway and suddenly it’s like the breath is knocked outta me; tears will spring forth for no particular reason, try as I might to choke them down and I’ll just keep thinking ‘why’.  Then there will be times when I see something or watch something and I’ll think ‘omg I have to tell her about it, she’ll love that” There are times, I will still think about what we will do when we’re little old cat ladies, it is a glorious 2 secs and then it hits me, no it won’t happen. And after all this time, I wish I can just celebrate the life you did lead and the happiness you did bring. But it’s hard.. truly hard. I wish I didn’t still think why because in the end does it really matter why when that doesn’t change the fact that you’re gone. Another year without you, I wish I could say it gets easier and maybe it will… for now it hasn’t.

Keep on Keepin’ on…

“Don’t ever pray for a life free from adversity, pray for the strength to handle any adversity.” 

This goes out to you Kimera. I’m in awe of your maturity and grace in the face of adversity and how you handle all the tough shit thrown your way with such class, fortitude, and hope for the future.

I hope I can do that with even a smidgen of your attitude with my situation too.

To everyone out there who may be having a hard time in their personal life, professional life, or any other areas, know that you have the strength of will and conviction to continue to live the best life you can with your principles intact. Don’t let others bring you down to their level (they will only beat you with experience).

Keep on keepin’ on…


Stay strong,

Vegan Dim Sum

Anyone who knows me knows I’m pretty big on dim sum.

Dim sum is basically like Asian tapas eaten for brunch. I have many memories of it growing up as it was really the only form of eating out we did as a family when I was young and we were on a tighter budget.

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I’m Alive!

Hi guys!


Yes I’m alive!

I just haven’t been feeling like blogging during my busy season. And even though that ended a month ago, I just didn’t feel motivated to get back in the groove with the blog. But I’m definitely working on starting this party up again 🙂 There’s a lot of stuff I wanna do this summer; new places to try and old friends to hang with.

I’ve missed you all and hope everyone has been well. Looking forward to catching up with your posts.

Meanwhile, here are some snippets of what I’ve been up to/enjoying/crying over during the past few months in some photos:

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