Holiday DIY Gift Ideas

First things first, congrats to Sarah! You are the winner of my Giveaway #2. I have emailed you your winning. Enjoy 🙂

With one more week to go, I hope everyone is already done or close to getting their holiday shopping done.

If you’re not and need some ideas for some DIY presents, please take a look at the following ideas:

Hope these provide you with some last minute inspiration 🙂


Enjoy the mew life,



Holiday Gift Guide (And giveaway!)

As you all know and have probably been looking forward to, Christmas is coming soon! Maybe some of you got into the holiday spirit real early and are already done with your shopping. For those of you who haven’t yet, here’s a short guide that will hopefully provide you with some ideas. A few items are pricey but for the most part the items are $20 and under.

Also, this is really a wishlist of things I would love to receive (hint hint to any generous souls out there, also a reminder to people in-the-know that my bday is also next month ;)) but nevertheless I think they’re great ideas in general 🙂

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