I can’t believe it’s been 6 years. It doesn’t feel like it.. to be honest, I do not think of you everyday. In fact, there are long stretches where you do not come into my mind at all. But then there would be those instances.. random moments.. when I’ll see Byron and suddenly it just hits me of how he actually came into my life, when I’ll get Chinese takeout and biting into a sesame chicken will bring back memories of countless afternoons of getting Fu Lai’s and squandering the day away watching random youtube videos, when I’ll come upon my badminton racquets in storage and think of mornings spent trying to be active but really we would just end up on the park bench talking about nonsensical things like fiber one and poop. Sometimes it will truly be outta nowhere; I’ll just be riding on the subway and suddenly it’s like the breath is knocked outta me; tears will spring forth for no particular reason, try as I might to choke them down and I’ll just keep thinking ‘why’.  Then there will be times when I see something or watch something and I’ll think ‘omg I have to tell her about it, she’ll love that” There are times, I will still think about what we will do when we’re little old cat ladies, it is a glorious 2 secs and then it hits me, no it won’t happen. And after all this time, I wish I can just celebrate the life you did lead and the happiness you did bring. But it’s hard.. truly hard. I wish I didn’t still think why because in the end does it really matter why when that doesn’t change the fact that you’re gone. Another year without you, I wish I could say it gets easier and maybe it will… for now it hasn’t.

The Good Place

Happy Superbowl Sunday everyone.

I am not really into football. Sometimes I do partake in Superbowl parties for the food and such (you know it!) but I don’t have anything going on this year.

It’s my last weekend before busy season starts at work and before I have to start going in on Saturdays to work. So today I am just planning to have a very chill day.

I will be doing a rewatch marathon of one of my new favorite shows of last year/this season: The Good Place.

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Let Love Win

I’ve been putting off writing about the tragedy that occurred in Orlando this past weekend where 49 people were killed and 53 people were injured because of one individual so filled with hatred that he would think such an horrific act was the answer to anything.

I thought what is there left to be said?

Everyone already covered it; from condolences to prayers to professions of solidarity to even disgusting words of unwarranted self-congratulations (you know who…) to no words at all, just horror and sadness that something like this can still happen.. but I realized.. no matter how small it may seem, every message of love and support needs to be put out there.

We cannot let one man’s hatred drown out all the voices of love, acceptance, and hope. Fear cannot win. Hate cannot win.

If people come together and continue to love deeply, hopefully the community can touch and open up even the harshest of hearts and pave way for a future where this cannot and will not happen anymore.


anger and violence runs a foul game
try it might to destroy those not the same
but those with bleeding hearts die not in vain
as the ones left behind
will take up the beat
thump thump thump
steady as one
let the love overrun


With love,

The Mew Life

Welcome to The Mew Life!

I’m alive! Busy season at work has been over for a while and I’m finally ready to get back to blogging.

Hi to everyone who came here through my “old” blog @ EatingWellNYC. I’m happy you are still reading and hope you like it here just as much as you enjoyed my posts there. And to any new readers, I hope you find something worthwhile to you in this sure to be random and chaotic blog.

Why the new blog? 

The short answer would be that I don’t feel like my current path is staying true to what I had set out to do with my old blog.

The long answer, if you’re interested in my long, windy ramblings is as follows…

In a way, I feel quite weird about starting a new blog. If you read my first few posts at my old blog Welcome to the Concrete Jungle and A New Path it’s all about change and not letting the unknown hold me back and all those inspirational in-the-moment platitudes. At the time, I really did feel gung-ho about it all. It was going to be major life-changing stuff with plans of going back to school for a career in the field of nutrition. Well it’s been almost a whole year later and I almost hate to admit it but not much has changed in that regard. I’m still at the job I don’t necessarily love and I actually plan to stay there for the time being.

So what has changed? Well my job situation has not changed because my life outside of work has changed, among other things, in the form of a new house! That’s right, I have a little thing call a mortgage to be responsible for now. So financially speaking, it’s definitely something that has a huge influence on my choices. I also decided to not pursue going back to college for a different degree because I’m not ready to put myself through everything that comes with school again for something I’m not sure about.

Last year, I thought I could go through with it but I realized it’s hard to fully commit to a “go for your dreams!” stance when to be honest, I don’t even fuckin know what my dream is. It’s a very hard truth that I have come to terms with.  Last year I was in a situation where I just wanted to get out of the rut I was in so I was convincing myself of all these ideas that were going to improve my life.

Now I feel like what I actually need is a shift in perspective. I have a pretty damn good life! Not everything about it is perfect but it is what it is. It’s human nature to want more. But I don’t want to be stuck in an never ending climb. Because once you reach what you think is your ideal weight, salary, career position, etc, it seems like you would want to go higher because you’re still not satisfied. There’s always another thing to look ahead as the thing that will bring true happiness when if you just stopped and enjoy what is there, you may realize that you have it already. There is always joy to be found if you truly see things.

What is The Mew Life?

The inspiration for the name stems in part from my friend always saying ‘mew mew’ when things sort of get too much or too little and feel like getting away from it all.

The mew life is about figuring out what I want to do and where I want to go in life but not chasing after it. It’s about letting things happen naturally. I don’t want to follow a paved path; I want to explore new ways.


tldr; I have no fuckin clue what I’m doing. But if you’re interested, follow me as I go about trying to figure out this crazy thing we call life.



Til next time,