Let Love Win

I’ve been putting off writing about the tragedy that occurred in Orlando this past weekend where 49 people were killed and 53 people were injured because of one individual so filled with hatred that he would think such an horrific act was the answer to anything.

I thought what is there left to be said?

Everyone already covered it; from condolences to prayers to professions of solidarity to even disgusting words of unwarranted self-congratulations (you know who…) to no words at all, just horror and sadness that something like this can still happen.. but I realized.. no matter how small it may seem, every message of love and support needs to be put out there.

We cannot let one man’s hatred drown out all the voices of love, acceptance, and hope. Fear cannot win. Hate cannot win.

If people come together and continue to love deeply, hopefully the community can touch and open up even the harshest of hearts and pave way for a future where this cannot and will not happen anymore.


anger and violence runs a foul game
try it might to destroy those not the same
but those with bleeding hearts die not in vain
as the ones left behind
will take up the beat
thump thump thump
steady as one
let the love overrun


With love,