Vegan Dim Sum

Anyone who knows me knows I’m pretty big on dim sum.

Dim sum is basically like Asian tapas eaten for brunch. I have many memories of it growing up as it was really the only form of eating out we did as a family when I was young and we were on a tighter budget.

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Happy Thanksgiving!


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with their loved ones.

Though I may complain a lot about anything and everything in my daily life, I do truly feel immense gratefulness for many things in my life; mostly my family and friends who deal with my craziness and put up with my varying moods. I hope everyone can be as lucky to have their own great support system.

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Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving this year, as usual, my aunt and uncle will be taking care of the turkey(s). My mom will be doing her signature roast char siu dish and braised abalone. There will also probably be a chicken involved somewhere just to cover all the meat bases 😉 So entree wise we’re in pretty good shape.

So I’m thinking about doing an appetizer, side dish, or dessert.

I made all three of the following for a pre-Thanksgiving get together with M & A: a caramelized onion & sweet potato flatbread/pizza, cheddar biscuits, and a no-bake eclair “cake.”

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Happy Birthday to my baby

Happy 5th birthday to my darling Byron.

You’re an asshole but you’re my asshole. ❤

I hope I can take care of you for many more years to come.


Way back when he was still a tiny thing. Wearing cone because this was after his spaying. 


Nap #7 of the day for the bday boy 



Father’s Day Menu

There are few things better than celebrating a good meal with family.

Here’s what me and the cuzzies made for Father’s Day dinner:


Appetizer: My go to salad for the summer: avocado, mango, and shrimp. Extremely simple and refreshing. Tip: Use various types of mangoes for greater range of flavors.


Side #1: Simply sauteed red peppers


Side #2: Roasted potatoes with rosemary. Tip: We used too small of a pan, the taters didn’t crisp up as evenly as I would have liked since turning it was difficult. Use a bigger sheet pan to allow more room for the potatoes to roast.


Nice sirloin cuts. Gimme meat!


Cooked up with an onion sauce


Sauce #2 was a mushroom sauce. Yum!


Dessert was heavenly. Talenti is one of my favorite gelato brands. This hazelnut chocolate chip was great with the generous hazelnut chunks. Summer goal: try all the Talenti flavors!

Big ups to my cousin J for cooking a mean steak and dealing with my crazy ass in the kitchen. Love ya!

Looking forward to more homemade meals this summer.


Til next time,

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day everyone!

I am definitely what you would consider a daddy’s little girl.

I take after my dad in terms of both my physical looks and my fiery temper. We’re both so stubborn sometimes that it doesn’t always make for the greatest relationship. But I think as I’ve grown older, we have been able to communicate in better ways.

There is no one more hard working than my dad. He can be judgmental at times but only because he believes people can always be better; he is always trying to improve himself too. He has always seen my potential even when I didn’t and supported me to reach it. He wholeheartedly believes that as long as you give anything and everything your best effort, it doesn’t matter what the result is, you can take pride in it.

Although he doesn’t always express it to me directly, I know he is proud of me and that means the world to me.

To the man who still calls me his little ‘Bo Bui’ and treats me like one, I love you and I hope I can make you realize just how much I appreciate all you have done for me.



With love,