Unofficial Start of Summer 2017

Happy Memorial Day all!

Hope you all got to spend a long weekend with family and friends.

And a huge thank you to all those who have served and continue to serve for this country!


Even though summer doesn’t officially start until June 21, 2017, to me it always feels like Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial beginning of summer.


I don’t really have many concrete plans for this summer (just like most of my summers…). But off the top of my head right now, I wanna get back to reading (I can’t remember the last time I read a book for pleasure that wasn’t me rereading Harry Potter for the 50th time or me catching up on Game of Thrones because I keep forgetting all the crazy shit that has happened). I would love to try any recommendations you guys have. I wanna watch more Off/On Broadway shows (still tempted to go see Dear Evan Hansen again). There will most likely be the annual short summer trip with my cousins, we will probably head to Boston for the seafood… I also wanna hit up a county fair or two… I’m not an adrenaline junkie by any means but for some reason, I’ve always wanted to skydive so I hope I can find any reputable company to do that with this summer.

But other than that, I think I will just be trying a lot of food places right here in the city. There are always places I read about or hear from people that I want to try but whenever it actually comes to making lunch or dinner plans with others, everything just turns blank in my mind and I can’t think of the places. So I’m creating a list that I can refer back to whenever this happens.

If there are any places here you guys would like to try too, lemme know and we can hit them up together 🙂

To Try List*:

In no particular order…

  • Melba’s
  • Joe’s Pizza
  • Alleva Dairy
  • Trapizzino
  • Ikinari Steak
  • Urban Vegan Kitchen
  • Fletcher’s Brooklyn Barbeque
  • F.O.B. Kitchen
  • Mala Project (I’d be down to go again but only for the lunch special)
  • Goa Taco
  • TsuruTonTan
  • Mighty Quinn’s BBQ
  • BXL Zoutes (been for brunch, want to go back for dinner menu)
  • Tim Ho Wan (Happy I tried; had some great items, some meh. might go back to try the few dishes I haven’t tried but only if someone who hasn’t been wants to go, otherwise, too pricey if I can have great dim sum elsewhere)
  • Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter
  • A Taste of Shanghai
  • Joe’s Steam Rice Roll
  • Deksen (pretty good, but not sure if it’s destination worthy for me since it’s trek to Queens, but if someone can drive and wanted to eat there, I’d definitely be down for it.)
  • Debasaki
  • Shanghai You Garden
  • Siblings Potato Noodles
  • Vinnie’s Pizzeria
  • Tim Horton’s
  • Nom Wah Parlour (pretty much same assessment as for Tim Ho Wan; wouldn’t be against going back but not a place I would initiate to go back to)
  • Bibble and Sip
  • Hill Country Chicken (Have had the fried chicken like twice for Saturday work lunches but have not tried any sides or pies)
  • Church’s Chicken
  • Jollibee (had the halo-halo and peaches mango pie; need to try the fried chicken)
  • Ichiran (tried it with friends but want to go back for the solo dining experience it was meant to be experience as)
  • The Gumbo Bros
  • Patisserie Chanson (fancy shit, Y raves about the Everything croissant so much I just felt the need to try but meh. Stupidly got taken in by the aesthetic of the beautiful ‘cakes’ and bought the most overpriced cheesecake I had ever purchased. way overpriced. wouldn’t get again even if I had the dough to spare)
  • Ikea for the Swedish meatballs
  • Hanjan
  • Union Square Cafe
  • Luke’s Lobster (hella small portions, but great lobster roll & crab roll. also love the lobster bisque but find the clam chowder weird)
  • Maialino
  • Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie
  • Budda Bodai (pretty good for vegan dim sum; that ‘char siu’ is legit! would love to try more items. only thing that I don’t like so far is the black bean ‘spare ribs’)
  • Sacred Chow
  • Screamers Pizzeria
  • Bacon Egg Cheese

What are some NYC must-try places you think I need to check out? Please leave a rec in the comments!


Enjoy the mew life,

*The list will be periodically updated to include new places and to cross off places I have tried.


2 thoughts on “Unofficial Start of Summer 2017

  1. Mewlicious says:

    I think I can knock out a few of these with you.

    Loved Bibble and Sip and Mighty Quinn’s BBQ.

    And as for IKEA, I think we can fulfill this very soon. Come furniture shopping with me after I close on my apartment wheee.


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