I’m Alive!

Hi guys!


Yes I’m alive!

I just haven’t been feeling like blogging during my busy season. And even though that ended a month ago, I just didn’t feel motivated to get back in the groove with the blog. But I’m definitely working on starting this party up again 🙂 There’s a lot of stuff I wanna do this summer; new places to try and old friends to hang with.

I’ve missed you all and hope everyone has been well. Looking forward to catching up with your posts.

Meanwhile, here are some snippets of what I’ve been up to/enjoying/crying over during the past few months in some photos:

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Raspberry White Chocolate Mocha

It was snowing again today.


What better way to spend a snow day than doing some exercises to help me correct my anterior pelvic tilt?

Um yeah… after doing a round of those (you would be surprise how you can really feel it in your muscles afterwards!), I decided to make a hot drink and curl up with that while going through my backlog of NY Mags.

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