Rainy Day with Tea (And a Giveaway!)

Hi guys

Busy season has officially started at work and yesterday was the first mandatory Saturday we worked.

But today I’m free. It is a rainy day so I’m just having another solo day at home.

I’m curling up with a cup of Tazo Tea and a cool Kit Kat treat the bae got me from the aussie Kit Kat Chocolatory (we need one in NY!). You can’t get better than customizable kit kats.


I actually have a lot of tea stored up so I wanted to do a tea set giveaway for you lovely readers! US residents only. A random winner will be chosen on Feb 19th.


The tea set will include: Melville Candy Honey Spoons, For Tea’s Sake Sleep Well rooibos tea and spoon; a jar of sugar cubes, and a Mr. Tea silicone tea infuser.

All you have to do is leave a comment letting me know how you like to spend rainy days and what your favorite tea flavor/brand is.


Enjoy the mew life,


Holiday DIY Gift Ideas

First things first, congrats to Sarah! You are the winner of my Giveaway #2. I have emailed you your winning. Enjoy 🙂

With one more week to go, I hope everyone is already done or close to getting their holiday shopping done.

If you’re not and need some ideas for some DIY presents, please take a look at the following ideas:

Hope these provide you with some last minute inspiration 🙂


Enjoy the mew life,



Christmas Bucket List (And Giveaway #2)


Personally, I don’t see any reason for these to be mutually exclusive.

Go crazy and do both!

My second giveway for this month is a $50 restaurant.com gift code. US residents only.


Just leave a comment letting me know about a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try out.

A random winner will be chosen on Dec 18th.


Enjoy the mew life,



First things first, congrats to Lina! You are the winner of my first giveaway of a bag of In Season Snack’s Seaweed Rice Bites and  a box of This Bar Saves Lives.

Please email me at eatingwellnyc@gmail.com with your choice of flavor for the bars and the address to send this to. I hope you enjoy the goodies. 🙂

Now on to the Real Neat Blog Award; thank you to Annie over at All The Beautiful Times for the nomination! Please check out her blog… she touches on a bit of everything. It’s always a fun and interesting read into all her insights.


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Holiday Gift Guide (And giveaway!)

As you all know and have probably been looking forward to, Christmas is coming soon! Maybe some of you got into the holiday spirit real early and are already done with your shopping. For those of you who haven’t yet, here’s a short guide that will hopefully provide you with some ideas. A few items are pricey but for the most part the items are $20 and under.

Also, this is really a wishlist of things I would love to receive (hint hint to any generous souls out there, also a reminder to people in-the-know that my bday is also next month ;)) but nevertheless I think they’re great ideas in general 🙂

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Now that we’re done stuffing our faces with great food and filling our shopping bags with great deals, it’s time to give back!

There’s still time left. So in case any of you are deciding where/who to donate to and need some ideas, here are some of the ones I’ve donated to today:

  • Your alma mater is a good choice, especially if you were the recipient of scholarships and other aid funded by donations when you were a student. #payitforward!
  • Charity: Water as it’s one of my go-to organization as I’ve written about in the past.
  • People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) is an organization that as it’s name spells out, assists the homeless, particularly in finding permanent housing and other services such as employment, healthcare, counseling, etc. Everyone deserves to have a home to call their own.
  • Your local food bank or soup kitchen would appreciate any help, monetary or otherwise
  • Your workplace might be participating in giveback projects so check with your office managers. Currently, my office is doing a canned food drive. We’re also doing a Christmas Toy Drive project in which participants choose a child’s wishlist ‘card’ and buy and wrap the items on the list.

Hope you were able to get some inspiration from these.

Please let me know in the comments, your charities of choice to help.

Also in the spirit of #GivingTuesday and this holiday season, I will be doing a series of giveaways on the blog. The items will be pretty random and a vary of things I have that I think you guys may use and enjoy.

So be on the lookout for the first giveaway in a few days!


Enjoy the mew life,

Note: I am in no way affiliated with any of these organizations. They are just causes I truly believe in and support. The opinions expressed on my blog are 100% my own.