2019, Here I Come!

2018 was relatively normal until the last few months. Now it’s kind of a whirlwind.

But since I have finally taken the plunge, I’m looking forward to what 2019 will bring.

I hope that all of you, especially those of you who had a rough 2018, will have a better year next year.

For this new year, I hope everyone takes the chance to make yourself happy and do what matters the most to you. Make 2019 the best it can be for you.


Enjoy the mew life,

Year of The Rooster

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone!

2017 is The Year of the Rooster.

The rooster is a symbol of hard work and diligence; they’re always the first to rise with enormous energy to take on a new day.

May everyone’s hard work pay off this year and bring you all closer to achieving your goals!

Enjoy the mew life,

Happy New Years!

So another year has come and gone. 2017 is on the horizon.

This is the time for most to draw up a resolutions list and stick with it for a couple of weeks at most (if they really try) before it falls to the wayside.

I usually don’t do resolutions because of this very reason. But what the hell, I’ll jot down a couple and maybe surprise myself this time next year with how much I can accomplish.

At the top of the list would be finally setting a quit date at my job and writing up the resignation letter. Of course, it would also be swell to have another employment set up but regardless of that, actually getting out of my current job is the priority. To aid this, I will be saving up even more for my safety nest. And I already completed my budget for the new year so keeping to that should help. 👏

I really also want to set more of a structure for this blog. I admit I haven’t been much motivated for the past few months. But I hope to be more active for 2017. I have a lot of random ideas that I need to trim down on before I set up some type of posting schedule. In a weird way, having too many ideas has been preventing me from writing much at all. It’s a bit overwhelming in my head and feels like I don’t know which things to go with first so I don’t end up doing anything. And then I keep thinking in a month or so I’m gonna be thrown back into busy season at work and probably won’t post much again anyways so what’s the point. I don’t know, I feel I really to lay out what and when I can post instead of winging it. If you guys have any ideas or suggestions on the type of content you want to see on this blog, don’t be shy, please let me know in the comments!

There’s a belief that if you do anything for 30 days, it will become a habit. So I’m gonna give that a try and form some new habits including working out for at least 30 mins a day (can range from anything as simple as going on a walk, doing hula hooping or step aerobics at home, or going to the gym), going to bed earlier and getting more sleep (at least 7 hrs a night), keeping a better diet (keeping to two meatless days a week/minimizing nightly snacking/trying more vegan items) and reading more (I will get myself a brand new spanking library card because I actually like being able to flip through a physical book). There are also habits to get rid of which include nail biting and giving in to cravings too often. Indulgence is necessary once in a while so I don’t have it all pent it up and go overboard but I really need to stop giving in too many times especially  since I have a tendency when I do it once and think welp, I already messed up might as well just keep fuckin up. Self control really shouldn’t be as hard as some of us make it out to be.

And finally, for the new  year, I want connection with others. I want to reconnect with old friends who for whatever reason (time/distance/otherwise) I haven’t been in touch with. As for others, I want to maintain the ones that have been there all along. No matter how hectic life can get, there should always be time for those I care about. It’s very hard not to take those close by for granted when they seem to be available most of the time. But every relationship needs maintenance and care and the special gestures. Special does not necessarily equate to extravagance or things of that nature but something to show that hey I was thinking of you today and feeling grateful for our friendship.

I guess the theme with all of these is about having more control over my life. Instead of being paralyzed by feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, I want to be able to look back on 2017, regardless of the good or bad things that will happen, and be able to take responsibility for the choices that led to them happening. Naturally there are always going to be things that are out of my control but I want to minimize those instances.

What are you guys looking forward to for the new year ahead? Any resolutions/goals you hope to achieve?

Whatever they may be, here’s hope to a great and productive 2017 for everyone! 🥂




Enjoy the mew life,

Holiday DIY Gift Ideas

First things first, congrats to Sarah! You are the winner of my Giveaway #2. I have emailed you your winning. Enjoy 🙂

With one more week to go, I hope everyone is already done or close to getting their holiday shopping done.

If you’re not and need some ideas for some DIY presents, please take a look at the following ideas:

Hope these provide you with some last minute inspiration 🙂


Enjoy the mew life,



Christmas Bucket List (And Giveaway #2)


Personally, I don’t see any reason for these to be mutually exclusive.

Go crazy and do both!

My second giveway for this month is a $50 restaurant.com gift code. US residents only.


Just leave a comment letting me know about a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try out.

A random winner will be chosen on Dec 18th.


Enjoy the mew life,


Holiday Gift Guide (And giveaway!)

As you all know and have probably been looking forward to, Christmas is coming soon! Maybe some of you got into the holiday spirit real early and are already done with your shopping. For those of you who haven’t yet, here’s a short guide that will hopefully provide you with some ideas. A few items are pricey but for the most part the items are $20 and under.

Also, this is really a wishlist of things I would love to receive (hint hint to any generous souls out there, also a reminder to people in-the-know that my bday is also next month ;)) but nevertheless I think they’re great ideas in general 🙂

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Now that we’re done stuffing our faces with great food and filling our shopping bags with great deals, it’s time to give back!

There’s still time left. So in case any of you are deciding where/who to donate to and need some ideas, here are some of the ones I’ve donated to today:

  • Your alma mater is a good choice, especially if you were the recipient of scholarships and other aid funded by donations when you were a student. #payitforward!
  • Charity: Water as it’s one of my go-to organization as I’ve written about in the past.
  • People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) is an organization that as it’s name spells out, assists the homeless, particularly in finding permanent housing and other services such as employment, healthcare, counseling, etc. Everyone deserves to have a home to call their own.
  • Your local food bank or soup kitchen would appreciate any help, monetary or otherwise
  • Your workplace might be participating in giveback projects so check with your office managers. Currently, my office is doing a canned food drive. We’re also doing a Christmas Toy Drive project in which participants choose a child’s wishlist ‘card’ and buy and wrap the items on the list.

Hope you were able to get some inspiration from these.

Please let me know in the comments, your charities of choice to help.

Also in the spirit of #GivingTuesday and this holiday season, I will be doing a series of giveaways on the blog. The items will be pretty random and a vary of things I have that I think you guys may use and enjoy.

So be on the lookout for the first giveaway in a few days!


Enjoy the mew life,

Note: I am in no way affiliated with any of these organizations. They are just causes I truly believe in and support. The opinions expressed on my blog are 100% my own.


Happy Thanksgiving!


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with their loved ones.

Though I may complain a lot about anything and everything in my daily life, I do truly feel immense gratefulness for many things in my life; mostly my family and friends who deal with my craziness and put up with my varying moods. I hope everyone can be as lucky to have their own great support system.

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Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving this year, as usual, my aunt and uncle will be taking care of the turkey(s). My mom will be doing her signature roast char siu dish and braised abalone. There will also probably be a chicken involved somewhere just to cover all the meat bases 😉 So entree wise we’re in pretty good shape.

So I’m thinking about doing an appetizer, side dish, or dessert.

I made all three of the following for a pre-Thanksgiving get together with M & A: a caramelized onion & sweet potato flatbread/pizza, cheddar biscuits, and a no-bake eclair “cake.”

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