Holiday Gift Guide (And giveaway!)

As you all know and have probably been looking forward to, Christmas is coming soon! Maybe some of you got into the holiday spirit real early and are already done with your shopping. For those of you who haven’t yet, here’s a short guide that will hopefully provide you with some ideas. A few items are pricey but for the most part the items are $20 and under.

Also, this is really a wishlist of things I would love to receive (hint hint to any generous souls out there, also a reminder to people in-the-know that my bday is also next month ;)) but nevertheless I think they’re great ideas in general ūüôā

For the “foodie”:

  • a set of clear glass mason¬†drinking jars¬†or¬†canning jars
  • A box of¬†The Complete Cookies¬†(lemon poppy seed please!). Vegan, kosher, non-GMO, and all that jazz. They have 12 flavors (I have tried chocolate chip, double chocolate, oatmeal raisin, and lemon poppy seed). Their lemon poppy seed is the best on the market! I seriously cannot get enough of them.They are probably my favorite cookies at the moment along with Tate’s Chocolate Chip¬†cookies (which would also make a great gift/stocking stuffer).
  • This multipurpose¬†rolling pin¬†with a flour shaker and ruler will come in really handy for those who want to get their holiday baking on.
  • This tea drop sampler¬†set is so cute. You get samples of 5 different flavors of tea drops so they just dissolve in hot water; no need to worry about infusers or tea bags. And the wooden box is a great keepsake for your other tea storage.
  • Crazy for caramel? Who isn’t? This sampler set¬†of 6 will give you a varied taste from spicy to fruity to even flowery. Have fun experimenting with all the different flavors on its own and in baked goods.
  • This¬†cheese board¬†is one of the pricier items on this list, but I love the ampersand design and it’s a good investment for someone who holds a lot of dinner parties and such. Or for a lower price, you can go with this¬†State Slate Board¬†that you can mark with chalk.
  • I bring my own lunch almost every day. Though I do not make sandwiches nor wraps a lot, when I do, I hate using plastic wrap so this cute reusable beeswax sandwich wrap¬†is a great alternative.
  • A giftcard to someone’s favorite restaurant is always a great choice or treat them to lunch or dinner at a place they’ve been wanting to try out.

For someone whose room needs some jazzing up:

For the theater junkie:

  • Off/On-Broadway tickets especially if you’re going for the holiday season. These fantastic shows are going to be over soon, catch them before they do: The Color Purple¬†(ending Jan 8th), Something Rotten¬†(ending Jan 1st. with Adam Pascal as Shakespeare! I would consider getting tickets to watch this again just to see him!), Matilda¬†(ending Jan 1st), or pre-order for upcoming productions like¬†Charlie and the Chocolate Factory¬†& relive your childhood!
  • If you can’t get someone the show they want or if you don’t know what show they want to see, you can get them¬†TKTS¬†gift certificates so they can purchase their own discounted tickets.
  • Theater subscriptions are great also in allowing your recipient their own choice of shows to watch. Some of my favorite theaters with great productions include:¬†Manhattan Theatre Club,¬†Signature Theater,¬†Roundabout Theatre.
  • Cast soundtracks are always a good choice. I really enjoyed the Waitress¬†album and you can’t go wrong with an old standby like Wicked. And if you haven’t gotten a chance at Hamilton yet, you could still prepare yourself with the soundtrack.
  • A¬†ticket stub diary¬†is a great scrapbook of sorts for all the shows you watched and enjoyed.
  • In the same vein, a¬†Playbill binder¬†would come in handy too.

For the workout junkie:

  • A¬†FitBit¬†would be handy
  • This¬†Workout Bottle¬†that can hold your phone, card, port for headphone, etc is a great multi-use item to bring with to the gym.
  • This collapsible bottle¬†is also a space saver.
  • Some¬†weighted hula hoops¬†can provide a fun little workout at home
  • A foldable lightweight¬†duffle bag¬†is great if you need to bring a change of clothes or other equipment

Other gifts:

Give experiences!

  • If you’re good at cooking and/or baking, offer to teach your family or friends how to make a certain dish. They can get a great cooking lesson and meal out of it. You can even take it a step further and put together the ingredients and a printout of the recipe so they can recreate the experience and meal at home.
  • If you’re not good at cooking, you can get them recreational cooking lessons from a professional. Find classes¬†here¬†and¬†here.
  • Other classes you can give:¬†rock climbing,¬†wine tasting,¬†aerial trapeze,¬†painting, etc.
  • Get tickets to a concert or musical artist you know someone’s been dying to see.
  • Arrange a movie night for someone; bring over a DVD (a copy they can keep afterwards) of their favorite movie or show, make some delicious movie snacks and enjoy.
  • Homemade treats are always appreciated. I’ll have an upcoming post of easy homemade treats and DIY ideas for gifts.

I know it can be a cliche to say “it’s the thought that counts” but I do think that whatever you get for your loved ones, whether it’s something simple or extravagant, it should be something that you put thought into and know the person will enjoy and love.

Happy shopping guys!

Now for the giveaway:

As I said in my last post, I’ll be doing a series of giveaways this month.

The first giveaway is…


Rice Bites Seaweed Rice Cakes


Savory little addictive morsels


Choose your favorite flavor and you’ll receive a box of it

and a box of your flavor of choice This Bar.

All you have to do to enter this giveaway is leave a comment below on an item you have on your wishlist for this holiday season. I’ll have a random winner generated on Dec 11, 2016. This is open to U.S. residents only.


Enjoy the mew life,

Note: I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies or products listed in this blog post. The opinions expressed on my blog are 100% my own.


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