Move Over Pumpkins…

While the average household would probably have a lot of pumpkins right about now…


The squad

This is what’s happening at my house 😀

I was amazed to see the bounty from our garden already. We already split and handed out to family and friends a 40 pounder one the other week. This horde of 5 was from the past week alone.  And I think we still have more to come!

Have you guys tried winter melon before? We usually have it in soups.

Do you have a great recipe for a winter melon dish?  Please let me know in the comments.


Enjoy the mew life,


12 thoughts on “Move Over Pumpkins…

  1. elle says:

    Wow, you grew those in your garden?! Impressive! I think the only time I’ve had winter melon was in a sweet canned drink. It was surprisingly delicious and I’ve been curious to try other winter melon foods ever since.


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