Adele Concert

I got the chance to go to an Adele concert at MSG last Friday (thank you to B and Lady Luck for getting the tickets!). It was my first legit concert and it was great.

Adele is not a really a performer in the sense of the ‘song and dance’ type.

She has a really simple set up and let’s her voice do all the work. As she should since she has an amazing one!

Thank you to M for the photos.

She was quite personable, funny, and charming. She played my favorites from her 21 album (Rumor Has It, Someone Like You, Set Fire to the Rain, Rolling in the Deep) and from her latest album (Hello, Water Under the Bridge, Send My Love to Your New Lover).

What was your first concert or the best concert you went to? Who’s great at playing/singing live? Please let me know in the comments.


Enjoy the mew life,

10 thoughts on “Adele Concert

  1. thegirlwithanaccent says:

    I’ve only been to three concerts and my first one was the best one yet! It was a Black Veil Brides concert – nothing like Adele, haha. They’re a punk rock band! I’ve never really been to a concert of the “Adele” type where they let their voices do the work, which sounds amazing btw!


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