San Gennaro Festival 2016

This year’s San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy is its 90th anniversary!

Even though I’m a native New Yorker, I’ve only been to San Gennaro a handful of times and it was always just a precursory look.

For its 90th this year, I manage to make it out there and experience it a bit more than usual.


San Gennaro the Patron Saint of Naples for whom the festival is celebrated for


The festival stretches about 10 blocks in Little Italy from Canal St to Houston St


Can’t have San Gennaro without a cornucopia of sausage…


.. and cannolis


Funnel cakes pre-sugar dusting




It’s not all about the food. There’s merchandise to be bought too. Cigar anyone?


Also stuffed animals are ready to be won


A parade procession to check out too

It can get crowded but it’s a nice event that you can go with family and friends and just enjoy a nice day out with good eats and some fun little carnival games. The festival has been around since 1926 and as Little Italy seems to get smaller and smaller day by day, it’s important to hold onto some traditions of the past and embrace the coexistence of different cultures.

If you want to check the festival out, you still have time, it’s running until next Sunday September 25th.

Enjoy the mew life,


10 thoughts on “San Gennaro Festival 2016

  1. elle says:

    Oh this is so, so neat! I’ve always wanted to go to a neighborhood like this. We do have a Little Italy in Vancouver, but it’s not quite this same as this. Lovely post!


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