Charity: Water Celebrates 10 Years

Charity Water

Charity: Water is one of the few charitable organizations that I donate to. They believe that “clean water changes everything“.

I have to admit, water is something that I take for granted. My mom is always telling me to drink my eight glasses a day; on a great day I probably get in four. It’s a resource that has always been available to me. And I’m definitely lucky because even in the US, that’s not always a given (just look at Flint, Michigan!)

A staggering amount of people in the world live without clean water. In many rural, isolated communities, people would spend many precious hours of the day and energy walking to collect water; most of the time, the water isn’t even clean but they have to make do with it. This obviously doesn’t leave much room for leading a healthy, productive life.

So Charity: Water’s mission is to essentially bring clean and safe drinking water to everyone in the world. They raise money to build sustainable water projects around the world especially in developing nations.  They work with local partners to help maintain long term impact.

It’s one of the few organizations that I donate to because 100% of their donations received from the public are used in their water projects. So none of the money I donate to them goes toward any operating expenses of running the organization itself, i.e. it doesn’t go to the CEO’s salary or other administration expenses. This is important to me because I don’t have the means to donate a massive sum so when I do donate, I want to know that every single dollar I give is really going specifically to say building a well or another water project that will really have an impact. I don’t want to be giving $50 or something just to line the pockets of the CEO or for the organization to spend it on promotion mail or things of that nature. I want to know that my donation is 100% going to the communities and people who I want to help. In this regard, Charity: Water hold themselves accountable. You can track the progress of the specific project that your fund is being used for.

Some of the ways they fundraise is through online campaigns people create for others to donate for their birthdays, a yearly gala, and other events.

Charity Water Brookfield 2

Cool, interactive exhibition at The Winter Garden at Brookfield Place

Charity: Water is actually turning 10 this September. So for this month, they have set up an exhibit at The Winter Garden at Brookfield Place to raise awareness. They will be showing their virtual reality film, The Source. If you want to help out but can’t donate, please consider going to watch this film because an anonymous donor will donate $30 for each view this film gets. $30 will also be donated for each person who tries the “water walk” by carrying two jerry cans of water (40 lbs) down a walkway. The exhibit also showcases a typical well that the organization places in communities to provide an accessible water source.

Charity Water Brookfield 1

Great space for the exhibition

Charity Water Brookfield 4

Take in the cool virtual reality film, The Source, to learn about how the problems some communities have and how Charity: Water tries to solve it

Charity Water Brookfield 3

Try out the Water Walk to help unlock a $30 donation!

This exhibit is free and open until August 28th. Go check it out while you can!

What are some charities or causes near and dear to you guys? Please let me know about them in the comments!


Gratefully yours,

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