Cultural Corner: Australian Snacks

One place I really want to visit is Australia. Mostly because of one of my besties, L, lives there and it’s been too long since I’ve seen her stupid ass face. (i love ya!) I will make it out there one day (I swear!) but for now I get my taste of the Down Under through the awesome snacks I make her send me. šŸ˜€

Some of the ones I’ve gotten to try so far include…


Chocolate ripple between wafers

Time Out is sorta like Kit Kat; it’s got chocolate ripples between two wafers coated in more chocolate. The chocolate was really smooth but I think I still prefer Kit Kat because I like more of a crunch in my wafers. Time Out had a more airy bite to it. If that’s your preference, then you would like these.


Twirl bar is almost like the Time Out but without the wafers. The chocolate is pretty good. But I like having a bit of textural contrast in my candy bars.


Can’t go wrong with a nougat, caramel, chocolate combo

Basically a milky way and I love me some damn milky ways!


Crunchy balls of addictiveness

Crunchy balls that you won’t be able to stop popping after the first one.


So many, where do I start?!

Tim tams! Base of chocolate biscuit, chocolate creme, and chocolate coating. Choc galore! So simple, so divine. My favorite flavor would still have to be the original and caramel. I’m actually not too crazy about the double coat one which surprised me because ‘more chocolate is better’ would be my usual slogan. But the original is just the right amount of ratio between the biscuit, creme, and coating; the double coating throws that proportion off. I also expected to love the Red Velvet flavor but it was just passable for me though my cousins really enjoyed that one. There’s so many flavors that you’re bound to find one to love.


Sometimes small can pack a powerful punch!

Chocolicious bites! I love these even more than I do the full size Tim Tams. My favorite is the gooey caramel and velvet mudslide from their new mocktail collection (which inspired me to make my own drink, recipe to come in an upcoming post). Something about it being bite sized makes it taste even better. Like all the good parts of it is just concentrated into those few bites that you have to force yourself to savor it even more.

Going through this, I’m only now realizing I’ve only tried sweets with chocolate components. I would love to try some savory snack items (hint hint L ;)) likeĀ ShapesĀ andĀ TwistiesĀ andĀ Smith’sĀ Chips.

Snack foods from different countries are interesting to try because there are always those items that are similar to what you grew up with in your own country so even if they are technically new to you, they still provide a touch of nostalgia. And then there are things that have flavor profiles you would never think could work or combinations that seem weird but somehow do taste good.

Have you guys tried any Australian snacks? What are your favorites and must-try recommendations? Let me know in the comments!


Enjoy the mew life,

7 thoughts on “Cultural Corner: Australian Snacks

  1. sassenach (@_sydneysage) says:

    i really love this this post dedicated to aussie chocolate, i agree with everything you said on most things except that i prefer time out to kit kats and its prolly more of my no.1 fav type of chocolates and beats tim tams for me sometimes. but dont get me wrong i really love kit kats too and what u said about maltesers i couldn’t agree more. Im shocked u actually prefer bite size to the normal size of tim tams, i’m aussie and have yet to try caramel tim tams haha. I gotta say even though i grew up with tons of aussie snack food i dont buy it a lot i’m over it. but my favs for aussie snack food would be cheddar and chicken flavored shapes, kettle chips and tiny teddies ooo and chocolate wheaten biscuts!!


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